Mopartruckshop supplies various refurbished transmissions for all models of RAM trucks from 1994 to the present!


Most common model transmissions are available from stock. All refurbished transmissions that we deliver and assemble are equipped with the necessary Heavy Duty upgrades and adjustments. No standard transmissions and therefore also with a  3 year or 100,000 KM guarantee .


Our Diesel transmission is only assembled to order and built specifically to the wishes of the customer and application.
All options are possible from tractor-pulling to racing applications. Extreme Heavy Duty construction with custom converters and valve body`s !!
All our transmissions are built by a specialist, because of his years of experience in American transmissions and specifically Mopar, the quality and reliability are not comparable!

Not for nothing 3 year or 100,000 KM warranty !


All our transmissions come standard with a reconditioned torque converter.
Optionally an HD upgrade or adjusted stall speed is possible for Diesel and gasoline / LPG models.


545RFE HD / HP


For our Diesel 47 / 48RE / RH transmissions we know for the models from 1994 to 2007.5 with the 5.9 Cummins 4 type Converters.


-Standard Duty OE stall, single disc Max 750 NM
-Heavy Duty Low Stall, Single disc, Billet stator Max 1000 NM


-Heavy Duty Billet Single, Low stall, Single disc, Full Billet, Max 1350 NM
-Extreme Duty Billet Triple, Low stall, Triple disc, Full Billet Max 2000 NM


With all 5.9 diesel models with more than standard power, we recommend at least one Heavy Duty converter and a Billet flex plate!


Exact prices on request via email, stating: Model, Type, and Chassis no. And any changes, wishes and power!


Price indicate:  RAM 1500 2003 to 2013 4X4 5.7, Heavy Duty 545RFE Revision transmission including mounting and material  from € 3500 exc VAT.

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