We are equipped with the latest modern equipment in our workshop.
We have 3 full-time technicians who are ready 5 days a week for all your maintenance and repairs.

With three KONI 5000kg 2-column lifts and a KONI 7000kg 4-column lift, we can handle even the largest and heaviest models. We carry out APK inspections on our 4-column lift and we can put your truck straight on its wheels again with our American Hunter 3D alignment installation.

Because we specialize in the American pickup market, and in particular the Dodge / RAM trucks, we have invested in various special tools.
As a result, we can often very easily perform certain tasks that are impossible for a universal garage.

We have invested in the original software and can use your readout equipment to provide your Pickup with the latest available software updates.
Encrypting keys and learning accessories or calibrating a revision transmission, it is all possible. 

You can easily make an appointment by telephone or email. As a new customer you can easily fill in the form on our contact page below we will contact you for an appointment.
Existing customers can use the same method for an online appointment. After  logging in, your details are automatically entered for you and we will contact you for an appointment.


It is a well-known fact that fitting tires and rims is a big job for these big Americans.
Every week we receive trucks with complaints about vibrations, which can often be traced to the tires and rims.
That is why we have specially purchased an American balancing machine for the extremely large sizes and weights.
This system works with a dynamic balancing technique, whereby the belt is loaded with 500 kg during the balancing process.
This allows us to balance and assemble the largest and widest rims and tires 100%, guaranteed vibration-free!

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