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Is your Dodge RAM ready for a maintenance turn?

To guarantee the life of your Dodge, it must be serviced correctly and with the correct parts. Good maintenance is maintenance and therefore extremely important. Depending on the age, mileage and method of use, the necessary maintenance can vary from a small to a large service in which several parts must be replaced. In our workshop, technicians specialize in these vehicles. They can therefore ensure that your car is repaired where and when required.
We guarantee you that the maintenance will be carried out correctly and that your Dodge RAM will continue to run as it should.


We do not sell cars, but those of you DO maintain WITH maintaining WARRANTY .

For years we have been the specialist in the field of maintenance and repairs for the RAM trucks. And who doesn’t want to maintain his workhorse at the best possible garage?
That is why you can safely maintain your RAM with us. All authorized Dealers and dealers sell their trucks with Guarantee IF this is also properly maintained.
Maintenance as prescribed by the manufacturer, within the prescribed periods and with original parts!

According to some, this must be done at the dealers and dealers themselves, but this is of course also allowed at the specialist! 
As long as it is carried out as prescribed by the manufacturer, within the prescribed periods and with original parts!

We even have an exclusive contract for various dealers, so that you can also contact us for any warranty complaints and delivery points.
And we can perform various recalls for you. Factory software updates to ensure that your RAM continues to function smoothly?
We can execute them for you free of charge while you wait if you have purchased your RAM from a connected Dealer!

Mopartruckshop is a recognized service point for:

What do we do with a small service:

With a small turn, the focus is mainly on checking your vehicle. The car is always visually examined and fully checked on a number of critical points. If a part needs to be replaced, you will always be contacted in advance. This way you will never be faced with unexpected costs. We recommend that you always send your RAM to the workshop for a small service every 12,000 / 15,000 kilometers or 1 year.

  • Visual inspection of vehicle and inspection at various critical points
  • Replace oil and oil filter
  • Check and top up all other fluid levels
  • Read out engine management for updates and error messages
  • Checking tires and lighting

The costs of a maintenance start with us from € 195 exc VAT. approx 1½ hours of work and including material

What do we do with a major maintenance:

Even with a major service, the car is visually checked, but it is thoroughly checked at various critical points. However, with a major service the focus is mainly on replacing certain parts. Various liquids and filters are being replaced based on age, mileage and usage. Here too it applies that we inform you in advance of the replacement of a part which is not standard part of the major service, so that you will not be faced with unexpected costs.
We recommend that the 50,000 km or 3 years to go to the workshop for a big turn.

  • Visual inspection of vehicle and inspection at all critical points
  • Replace oil and oil filter
  • Replace rear axle oil
  • Replace front axle oil (100,000 km)
  • Replace transmission oil and filter (90,000 / 110,000 km)
  • Bougies vervangen (50.000 km tot 2013 en 90.000/110.000 km vanaf 2014)
  • Transfer case olie vervangen (100.000 km)
  • LPG filters vervangen (30.000/50.000 km)
  • Luchtfilter vervangen (30.000/50.000 km)
  • Alle andere vloeistof niveau`s controleren en bijvullen
  • Uitlezen motor management voor updates en foutmeldingen
  • Controle van banden en verlichting

De kosten van een grote onderhoudsbeurt beginnen bij ons vanaf € 495 exc btw. ca 4½ uur arbeid en inclusief materiaal  (2014>heden 50.000km beurt)

Mopartruckshop, uw Dodge RAM specialist!

De Dodge RAM pick-up is in de Europa één van de meest verkochte Amerikaanse trucks. Er waren voorheen vele handelaren die onderdelen verkochten, maar er was geen echte specialist op het gebied van onderhoud, reparaties en onderdelen.
Wij zagen dat de mensen behoefte hadden aan een specialist die niet alleen de onderdelen verkocht, maar ook  kon monteren en repareren. Geen doorsnee garage maar een echte specialist met liefde voor de auto en het vak!
Vanaf  2011 zij wij gestart met de reparaties  en hebben wij met de jaren enorm veel ervaring opgedaan op het gebied van Dodge RAM pick-ups. Hierdoor weten wij als geen ander wat de zwakke en gevoelige punten zijn van deze trucks.
Door deze ervaring weten wij bijna altijd de meest voorkomende storingen en klachten snel en met een goede service op te lossen.
Daarnaast verkopen wij via de webshop van Mopartruckparts alle mogelijke Dodge RAM onderdelen. We delen het bedrijfspand waardoor wij bijna altijd de onderdelen die benodigd zijn voor een reparatie in huis hebben.
Bijna alle mogelijke onderdelen voor de RAM trucks kunnen we leveren EN monteren! Kijk gerust eens op de webshop ook voor accessoires, tuning&performance parts.

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Is uw Dodge toe aan een kleine of grote beurt of wilt u uw auto laten controleren?

You can reach our workplace daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for all your questions and / or appointments. We are happy to talk to you and try to help you with all your questions.
You are also always welcome to visit us in our workshop and store.

To make an appointment for a repair / maintenance service quickly and easily, you can complete and submit the appointment form on our contact page.
Immediately schedule a free replacement car and indicate whether you want to bring / collect the car outside working hours.

But of course you can always reach us by telephone at 010-2036386 option NR.1 for the workplace!

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