We have been known for years for our axis revisions, it is one of our 1st specialized activities with which we have become known. We now overhaul more than 200 axes annually. Rear axles, front axles but also the transfer case or transfer case of the 4×4.  We have overhauled over 2000 and more are added every day!  Because of these numbers, we have been able to invest in various tools and methods so that we can perform unique repairs.


And not only the Dodge RAMs but all Dodge / chrysler / Jeep models Young and old. We also do the other major brands such as GM and FORD all American from 1940 to the present. 
It varies from pick-ups to muscle cars, Jeeps and Hot rods, Dragracers and Dakar trucks. We overhaul and repair everything!

We perform a lot of work for Dealer companies, traders and specialists. But we also remain affordable and accessible for consumers.

Every week, trucks pass through our workshop where an overhaul is necessary. But also individual shafts that need to be overhauled and / or repaired.
Various housings are ready for assembly in the warehouse, but also complete overhauled axles ready for assembly.
We always give a 1 year or 50,000 km guarantee on labor and the new parts on all our standard rear axle revisions! 

Often it is a standard overhaul but also targeting housings after a collision damage.
We have the option to weld cracked enclosures and have them machined so that we can reuse them.

rear axle overhaulwelding work

Aftermarket differentials, tailor-made thru axles, shorter teeth, it’s no problem for us! 
Shortening / weighting and other adjustments for racing, rally or 4×4 applications is all possible for various models, we even have molds. 
We build axles for Race cars, drag racers, hot rods, mucle cars and classics, but also various 4×4 vehicles and even Dakar trucks. 
So do not hesitate to contact us with special wishes or different repairs and models.

HD differential RAM 1500Assembly of parts


broken diffpinion brokensatellite gears pieceexplodes diff

We also develop our own parts and make special applications.

As the only one we have a Heavy Duty upgrade available for the RAM 1500 models from 2011 with the ZF rear axle.
With this we replace the sensitive differential of these models with a practically indestructible “torsen style” differential.
This, together with our tailor-made thru axles and adjusted gear set, this combination has proven to be the solution for these models.

measure gear clearancerear axle parts

 rear axle overhaul2 rear axle overhaul3
rear axle overhaul4 9inchford

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